Monitor that says clean me

Best Way To Clean Computer Screen

There is in fact a wrong way and a right way to clean your computer screen. As simple as it might seem to just find a generic cleaner around the house, the kind of spray that is used to clean windows and mirrors could harm your computer. Avoid the cleaners with acetone or alcohol, as it can remove special coating that exists on your monitor.

Find some non-abrasive fabric such as:

  • Micro-Fiber cloth (Best Option) OR
  • Cotton fabric such as a shirt or cloth
  • Cleanser Solution

You might consider getting a little kit here is a cheap one from Amazon from a good brand “Monster”

Spray the solution onto the cloth not the screen itself as the solution could potentially drip down into the crevice of the monitor and damage it.

Clean off the smudges and other messiness. In small circles wipe the monitor until it becomes clean.

From personal experience you may actually have to go at it for a few rounds of cleaning before you get it all off.

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