Video Hardware Fixes

Fixing Video Hardware Errors on Windows

  • If you are experiencing issues with your video hardware here are some things you can try :
  • Some things you’ll need to determine beforehand:
    What type of GPU you have.
    What drivers you have installed.
  • There is a neat tool that thoroughly removes the GPU driver you have installed.
    It’s called DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller).
    You can download it here
  • After uninstalling the driver you should install the appropriate driver for your video hardware. You can download theme at these URLs

    AMD: Autodetect Tool

    nVidia : Drivers Page

  • In my experience, when I was hitting a seemingly random error with my GPU, it turned out to be a build issue. I had done some work on my desktop machine and it turned out that I hadn’t seated a power cable properly. So check your cable connections. Those power plugs require a bit of force to full seat.
  • Here are some repair options you can run on your machine to possibly fix OS issues that might be causing video hardware problems.
    Open ‘CMD’ as an Administrator:
    ‘sfc /scannow’
    ‘dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth’
  • While it’s usually a last resort attempt. A fresh install of Windows can resolve issues that simply can’t be solved any other way.

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