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How to Clean My Computer and Laptop

When it comes to cleaning a computer there are 2 aspects: hardware and software. When it comes to hardware you can see HelpfulDesk’s advice here. On the other hand, cleaning up also happens on a software level. By far, (especially with Hard Disk Drives), the drive where your OS and programs live is usually the bottleneck to your computers performance. So cleaning up this side of your computer will yield performance boosts.

  • Hit ⊞ Win + R
  • Type in appwiz.cpl and hit Enter
  • Go down the list and uninstall any programs you aren’t using, including bloatware
    • Be careful not to uninstall hardware drivers
  • Hit ⊞ Win + R
  • Type in cleanmgr and hit Enter
  • You’ll see a progress bar go for a while
  • You’ll see a bunch of items in a list that you can check mark
  • Hit the Clean Up System Files Button
  • Another scan will run
  • Check mark all the results and hit OK
  • Run your anti-virus scan
  • Run an Anti-Malware program like Malwarebytes
  • Clean up your driver further with CCleaner
    • Make sure to uncheck items you want to keep, like Browser History and Saved Passwords
  • Defragment your drive (if you have a hard disk drive) with Defraggler
    • This can take a long time if this is your first time defragmenting


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