Windows 7 installation dialog window

msoobe Windows 7 – Windows could not complete the installation

When you come up with the error unable to complete the installation

Hit SHIFT-F10 to bring up command prompt.
Type MMC and hit enter
Click File -> Add/Remove Snap-in... (Or CTRL+M)
Select Computer Management (Double click and Finish on Local Computer)
Click OK
Double click Computer Management (Local) ->
 System Tools -> Local Users and Groups -> Users -> Double Click Administrator -> 
 Uncheck Account is disabled -> OK
Now right click Administrator -> Set Password...  ->  Set a decent password to get started.

Restart and if it still doesn’t work then try this:

SHIFT-F10 to bring up command prompt.
Type:  CD C:\windows\system32\oobe
Type msoobe and hit Enter
Make a generic account and password.  
Hit finish (if it requests a product key and you have one, enter it now.  
If OEM/No key required, just finish).  Set time/date.  Finish.

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