What Causes the Need for Computer Hardware Maintenance

  • Just like using a computer here is the causes for maintaining your computer hardware.
  • Dust!!! You can’t get rid of it, and inevitably it builds up in your fans and vents, and even all over the hardware.
  • Stray Electricity. While not so much something you can control from happening externally it is a good idea to make sure your electronics and computers are protected from power surges and power failures. Getting a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) with surge protection can do a lot to save a whole computer system and your hardware.
  • System cleanup on a software level. While this may not seems to be hardware related at first but if your computer is running slow, if your hard drive is perpetually making noises but not a whole lot is happening it could very well mean your hardware is getting pegged. Just like if you were to have you foot full on the gas and slam the brakes all the time you’d wear out your car real fast. So do some software level cleanup. You can see it here. {Coming Very Soon}

What to do to Maintain Your Computer Hardware

Make sure you’re fans are working in the first place. Fans do die. It is sometimes possible to revive them when the lubricant gets old. {Coming Soon on how to do that}

Check for any blockages like wire that gets up into the blades. It happens.

Get a can of compressed air. You can find them at any office supply store. Spray the heck out of your computer till no more dust flies out.

Make sure to unplug any power

Buy a UPS/Surge Protector

If you need to take out any hardware use Static Guard bags

Use an anti-static wrist strap when touching hardware.

Make a Backup Image of your Computer

Backup your files to external drives or even online services like Dropbox

Create and have a Windows Install USB/Media

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